Samsung Galaxy S6 First Look! Galaxy S6 To Feature Ultra Fast WiFi

Galaxy S6 To Feature Ultra Fast WiFi, 64-Bit Processor

Samsung develops WiZig

However, the latest rumor is that the Galaxy S6 would feature superfast WiFi. It may also be the first Android smartphone to run a 64-bit processor. The Korean electronics giant claims to have developed a new WiFi technology dubbed WiZig, which is at least five times faster than any existing system. It will close the gap between wired and WiFi connection on smartphones. Today, wired connection is much faster than WiFi as electric currents can attain a faster speed in wires than on air.

Samsung’s new WiFi technology works on 60GHz band. Note that 60GHz isn’t a new technology as it was introduced by the WiFi Alliance last year. But the Korean giant has worked to overcome the drawbacks of the technology. The new WiFi standard will allow data transmission speeds of up to 575MB per second. That means you can download a 1GB HD movie in less than two seconds.



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