Implemented 802.11ac/n roaming using Aruba equipment

  • Assembled Aruba 802.11ac/n AP and controller test bed for implementing roaming environment for production use
  • Tested dense deployment 802.11ac vs 802.11n AP association while roaming to understand shorter 5GHz range
  • Analyzed 802.11ac vs 802.11n switching, while considering single/multichannel implementation instead of 2.4/5GHz
  • Evaluated propriety Aruba Radio Management (ARM) against Cisco’s CleanAir to learn its excellent Radio Mgmt

Implemented Aruba 802.11ac enterprise test network

  • Assembled Aruba 802.11ac AP and controllers test bed for implementing enterprise level deployment situation
  • Compared performance of similar devices from different vendors like Cisco, Meraki and SOHO devices – Assessed propriety features of devices including Aruba Radio Management (ARM) and RFProtect Spectrum analysis

link: Aruba Wireless Testing Report


Cisco-Meraki Company Profile Project

  • Analyzed technology, products, services, management and financial position of Cisco Wireless products
  • Responsible for studying cisco wireless products and services and presented them as a part of the course work – the products & company overview, present company stock reports and press releases and their effects

link: Cisco-Meraki Company Profile Project


Youtube Screencast on Throughput comparison for 802.11ac clients

  • Performed a throughput comparison for 802.11ac 2×2 Vs 3×3 Clients

link: Throughput comparison for 802.11ac clients

Enterprise Network deployment using Juniper Equipment

  • Built an enterprise network to be deployed using Juniper devices of type Routers, Gateways, and Firewalls
  • Implemented general organizational services across networks in order to simulate real world scenario
  • Documented the whole project performed along with a team consisting of 3 other members

 Tested 802.11ac routers and dongles

  • Tested 802.11ac routers and dongles for the stated throughput of 1.3Gbps
  • Analyzed the throughput using Ethernet as back-end and wireless ac compatible device as client
  • Critiqued the vendors on the observed results that were much lesser than the stated values vendors guaranteed

Network Profile Project of Digicel Group Limited

  • Prepared the network profile and analyzed network functions and facilities of telecom company Digicel, Haiti
  • Critiqued Network and identified the Management issues present in the organization
  • Investigated the problems faced by the company in the past like the earthquake and devised solutions
  • Analyzed the latest technologies the firm has implemented and is trying to implement in the future

Developed SU Bus app for Android devices, Syracuse University

  • Developed an application for displaying bus timings in Syracuse
  • Achieved success in creating a prototype that can display the schedules
  • Optimized application for user to input source and destination and thereby displaying all possible route options
  • Enhancing application to provide real time travel route and bus stops and providing user reminder for next bus

Analysis of security vulnerabilities of Android Operating System

  • Analysis of security vulnerabilities of Android Operating System in the course Introduction to Information security

Seminar on Stuxnet virus

  • Delivered seminar on Stuxnet virus for understanding securityin nuclear reactors as a part of the course Introduction to Information security

Developed card counting app for Google glasses

  • Developed an application for calculating probability of next card
  • Achieved success in creating an app to use Google glass sensors and using them as inputs
  • Deployed it on glasses with fully operational gesture recognition

Seminar on implementing Google Maps API

  • Delivered a seminar on implementing Google Maps API in a web or mobile application as a part of the course Mobile Apps Development and Design

Seminars on VoIP and IPTv

  • Delivered seminars on VoIP and IPTv to overview the developments, challenges and technology

Seminar on Speech Processing

  • Delivered seminar on Speech Processing in a seminar organized by IETE society